Tyger/Mideon Werewolf (tygercowboy) wrote in archweresnkin,
Tyger/Mideon Werewolf

St Louis Pride

Ok Pride Weekend here in Saint Louis is coming up pretty quick! It's June 26 and 27!! http://www.pridestl.org/Pride_Fest.html

What would everyone think of maybe doing a picnic at Tower Grove Park on that Saturday the 26th? We could also do a later in the day picnic/potluck at the house too.

We have several invites for everyone to be in the Pride Parade this year. I will be talking with everyone that has offered to have us with them and make sure we have everything set and post the details hopefully by this weekend. But be assured...we WILL have a place int he parade! After the parade will will hit someplace for lunch and to cool down.

If you have any questions drop me a note otherwise will be posting details as I get them.

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