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Tyger/Mideon Werewolf

This weekend's plans!

Well after many years Spike finally achieved getting his black belt in Aikido this past Saturday!!

So we are planning a little get together to celebrate!

When? November 9-11th, 2007
Where? Saint Louis

Here are the plans so far:

Friday evening for those arriving early enough we will hit King and I for some Thai cuisine. (about $10 per person) at 630pm, From there we will head to the Petra Hookah Bar and Lounge http://www.petraloungecafe.com/ it's just a block or 2 from King and I. Petra has all kinds of teas, fruit juices, desserts and other goodies.

Saturday we will go to Red Robin for an early lunch (about $10-$15) at noon and hit West County Mall after for those interested and if there is time. After we will be heading back in and head down to the Bad Dog Saloon for the Wild Bear Weekend festivities there. The Furs will be hosting a cocktail party (i.e. some free drinks) Saturday evening from 9-10pm and Tyger is going to make some nummy snacks to go along with the party. If anyone is interested after and has the drunk munchies we can always hit Del Taco or White Castle.

Sunday we will be heading to the Bevo Mill for Sunday Brunch ($15) at 11am and then for those that want and weather permitting we can hit the zoo or something.

We do need RSVP's if you are planning on coming so Tyger can plan for reservations and such. Email him at mideonwerewolf@gmail.com if you are coming
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